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Megan Jean Messer

Artist Statement

As an artist and optimist, I believe in creating opportunities through my pieces where people from diverse backgrounds can share their experiences and beliefs to help further a conversation to a place of open-mindedness and understanding. Many of my ideologies line up with the philosophies of Mingei and Bauhaus. Mingei, to paraphrase, is art for everyone, focusing on beautiful objects made for everyday use. Bauhaus’s goal was to unite all of the arts, combining architecture, sculpture, and painting into a single creative expression.
Mingei is not just a moment in history but an ongoing movement that spans across generations of ceramics potters. The National Council for the Education of the Ceramics Arts (NCECA) is home once a year to many ceramics artists who hold the same ideas. Such as Randy Johnson, whose idea it was to have the exhibition, The Persistence of Mingei: Influence through Four Generations of Ceramic Artists, during NCECA in 2019 to showcase how much this philosophy has grown and spread into hundreds of potters minds since Warren MacKenzie brought it to Minnesota. Many ceramics residencies work towards these ideas as well, such as the Archie Bray Foundation which has deep ties with the Mingei movement since it was visited by first generation Mingei artists Shoji Hamada, Bernard Leach, Soetsu Yanagi, and second generation Peter Voulkos. The Archie Bray Foundation provides a creative environment for anyone who is serious about the ceramic’s art and about building up its community.
My work creates an intimate conversation between my audience while having a one-on-one relationship between themselves and the individual pieces. The installation I’ve created is elegant and approachable in form, pottery is finished with soft, semi-transparent glaze, and innocuously blends into people’s lives while still creating moments of reflection and peace.
Tea has always been a symbol of hospitality and community. It’s warmth seeping through a cup into the palm of the user and as it travels through your body and into your core has a calming and grounding effect. The purpose of creating teapot sets, teacups paired with saucers, and treat trays is due to the nature of what they hold and how people feel while holding them. The delicate nature of a teacup and saucer being balanced in your hands brings the user awareness of their actions and the actions of those around them. The treat tray rests in the middle of the table with the capacity to contain a wide variety of delicious sweets. Sweets seem to hold the ability to chase away some of the negative thoughts we hold onto about ourselves and others, at least for a little while. Soft moments like this can be a perfect time to reflect and gain clarity on important topics in one’s life.
Setting a table in the middle of a gallery will have a large presence that catches the eye and will manage to hold a familiar presence as the audience experiences the space, begging for interaction and closer inspection. I created these piece out of steel and applewood, both materials are extremely sturdy and reliable, eliminating any hesitation to approach. My circular table neutralizes any sense of power or importance that a linear table suggests with the presumption of there being a ‘head’ of the table. Everyone who gathers around the installation has equal importance, and their voice will be heard and validated the same as their neighbor.

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Artist Bio

Megan Messer is a utilitarian pottery and community educator. She is known for her wheel thrown tea sets and tableware’s that are finished in a celadon like glazes. Megan first began really connecting and working with ceramic in her senior year of high school. Art wasn’t something that she was considering perusing as a career at the time, but the seed had been planted. She later was accepted into the Bowling Green State University’s BFA program and discovered her passion in the community arts. In 2019, she interned at the 577 Foundation, was a featured artist at the Sunshine Studios Gallery, had teaching opportunities with the Dublin Arts Council, and was in the ungraduated show at BGSU. She will be completing this degree in the spring of 2021. Focusing on ceramics arts Megan hopes to make art that is attainable to everyone and can further spark artistic curiosity for those who use it.


Exhibitions & Galleries

  • BGSU Undergraduate Show
    Sat, Feb 15
    Fine Arts Center
    Feb 15, 2020, 6:00 PM
    Fine Arts Center, Fine Arts Center, Bowling Green, OH 43403, USA
  • Holiday Pop-Up
    Sun, Nov 10
    Sunshine Studios
    Nov 10, 2019, 1:00 PM
    Sunshine Studios, 305 Conant St, Maumee, OH 43537, USA
    My works will be one display in the Sunshine Studios Gallery in Maumee.




  • Bachelor of Fine Art with a minor in Community Art Education


INTERNSHIPS, Bowing Green, Ohio (2019-2020)

  • Sunshine Studios: assisting with adult and children ceramics classes, assisting with sales, and other studio maintenance.

  • 577 Foundation: teaching adult and K-12 pottery classes, assisting with kilns, and other studio maintenance.

DUBLIN ARTS COUNCIL, Dublin, Ohio (2019)

  • Pottery Teacher: Taught a week-long pottery class for 6-8th graders in July of 2019.

SATURDAY ART, Bowling Green, Ohio (Spring, 2019)

  • Educator: Teaching students various art techniques and providing a safe learning environment.

CLAY CLUB, Bowling Green, Ohio (2018-2021)

  • Secretary (2018/19): Managing important information and communication.

  • President (2019/20): Leading meeting, organizing group activities.

  • Treasurer (2020/21): Handling money, writing proposals and grants.

EMPTY BOWLS: ARTIST VS HUNGER, Bowling Green, Ohio (2019)


  • Experience selling personal work online, face-to-face, and through clay club.


HOLIDAY POP_UP, Maumee, Ohio (2019)

BGSU UNDERGRAD EXHIBITION, Bowling Green, Ohio (2020)


TOLEDO COUNTRY CLUB, Toledo, Ohio (2020-Current)

  • Server/Bartender: Served food and drink, help with entertainment, stocked supplies, handled money.  

IMAGINATION STATION, Toledo, Ohio (2019-Current)

  • Sever/Bartender: Served food and drink, help with entertainment, stocked supplies, handled money.

CHIPOTLE, Avon (Summer 2018) & Bowling Green, Ohio (2018-19)

  • Crew: Greeted and attended to customers’ needs. Handled money and prepped food. Cleaned and organized both inside and outside the restaurant.

NORTH COAST TURF SUPPLY, Avon, Ohio (2012-18)

  • Office Manager: Greeted and assisted customers, managed orders both over the phone and in person. Managed bookkeeping and other important documentation. Ran errands and helped with pick-ups and deliveries as needed.

KROGER FUEL, Johnstown, Ohio (2015-2016)

  • Fuel Clerk: Greeted and assisted customers, restocked supplies, handled money, and cleaned both inside and outside the fuel station.


Leadership / Time Management / Dependable / Adaptable / Self-Motivated / Organization / Communication / Creative Thinking / Project Management Skills / Teamwork / Quick Learner


BGSU FRESHMAN SCHOLARSHIP, Bowling Green, Ohio (2016-2020)

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